When I thought of Budapest my immediate association was with its thermal baths…

Budapest is much more though!

A vibrant, fresh, European capital, Budapest has been a great discovery for me.

Here what I liked the most:

1.Its Graffiti Art.

Check them out here.

We’ve all been to Berlin, London and NY and can agree that their Graffiti are quite cool. What I saw in Budapest though was different and special, maybe because I wasn’t expecting to see any sign of “underground” culture. Their paintings give a whole different vibe… more intense, straightforward and sincere. It’s incredible how long you would want to just stand still and stare at a wall…

2. Its food.

Think sweet strudel, savory strudel (hhmmm chicken filling), Gulash, Schnitzel… all good stuff…

Once again to my surprise, I had the best croissant of my life (!!)

It was so fragrant on the outside, soft and yet not buttery on the inside, a work of art. So don’t miss out on these gems:

Bluebird Cafe for the ambiance and the cafe right on front of it for the best croissant in the world.

3. Its views.

It’s simply worth it to take a hike up to Buda and overlook Pest, the Danube and its majestic bridges.

Even though you don’t like hiking, this is unmissable (and totally doable).

4. Its people.

Everybody was super friendly and spoke really good English… handy because their language sounds really bad (sorry) and is impossible to understand.

Unfortunately I didn’t ¬†go to the thermal baths, which was the reason I wanted to visit Budapest, and I am glad I didn’t, so I have a good reason to go back :)