Best hotels in Italy

Forget Air b n b,

We are talking luxury here. And affordable luxury that is.

Here my list of favorite hotels in Italy:

  1. El Jebel –> Sicily is a golden land and the part which is most worth visiting in my opinion is the East coast. Go to Taormina to mix nature’s wonders with the pretty little jewel town.


  1. Torre del Parco –> Puglia may be more famous for its reggae festivals in summer, but why not spend Christmas time in this wonderful place of the south? The sky is going to be as blue as the sea and this enchanting venue will make you wander back in your mind in the cold awful days of your routine.


  1. Relais Todini –> Pure. Elegance. I told you we were talking about luxury here. This is the quintessential accommodation for who wants to be wowed by the neverending Italian charm. Need I say more? no.


  1. Mare Resort –> Trani, another little jewel of Puglia. This city is so pleasant. A walk and a talk will come natural in its gardens, piazzas and open spaces near the port. If only I could go and live there now.


  1. 100 Torri –> Love food? Love Ascoli Piceno. This underdog destination will surprise you on the firsts of May with its fried food festival. Don’t miss at any cost the Olive all’Ascolana.


  1. NH Torino Santo Stefano –> This is one of the very few places in Italy that actually needs to be visited in winter rather than summer. Alone for the fact that the Gianduiotto is not sold in the summer months. Anyhow, the gloomy city of Torino can be appreciated from the super central hotel NH Santo Stefano. My room was bigger than my apartment and it honestly served the best breakfast I ever ate in my life (the pastries were so light and tasteful that I swear they have been baked in heaven).


  1. Hotel Novecento. Are you not curious to stay in one of the villas of the beginning of the XX century? I was and I fad a fab time in this wonderful place where elegance is they keyword which opens all doors.