London Zoo

London Zoo is not only for children!!

In my opinion, London Zoo should be for:

1. Young Professionals: take a break from your computer, iphone, ipad. Please. Guys. Enough of squeezing the squeezable to reach your KPIs… why not relax in a green environment surrounded by friends (e.g. animals)? Not everybody can afford the time and money for a get away, but trust me, every one of us definitely needs it. Paying a visit to the Zoo is a way to relax, get your life into perspective and admire the wonders of mother nature. You’ll thank me for this advise.

2. Senior citizens: much like the “get adopted” campaign, every senior citizen could fight loneliness and cheer up by spending time with animals. The problem is that in many cases to own a pet costs money and much effort – if not even distress (thank you momo for peeing on my bed when you were a little kittie). Going to the Zoo is a good way of getting out and about, smell fresh air, stretch your feet, laugh at the monkeys and why not chit chat with some strangers (you were going to do all of that anyway at your localĀ supermarket, right?)

3. Yummy mummies: the paths are wide enough for your buggies, muffins and frapuccinos at a reasonable reach for any impromptuĀ selfie, no entering and exiting from buses, stairs or busy sidewalks and even if your baby falls asleep you will still have a sense of accomplishment. At the end of the day, you are showing him/her/it what life is really about. Seriously, this should be your paradise.

4. Animal rights and environmental avengers: not a joke. I don’t think animals suffer in a Zoo more than they do in the wilderness. That is, if the Zoo is well managed and has enough funds to properly take care of the animals. By supporting your local Zoo you give them the means to keep up the good work and possibly teach new generations that animals are something to be loved and respected.

5. Meerkat lovers: Meerkats. I simply love you. You are so cute, so much fun and are a real inspiration for family and friendship values. Plus, you know how to take a nap.