Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the cutest trips I’ve done in Asia.

Forget Maldives, leave alone India, think: Sri Lanka.

This destination is more affordable and easy to travel than most of its surroundings. I don’t think it could ever get as crowded (as for now) as other popular Asian countries, but it’s a spot of the world worth discovering for its food, nature, sunsets, sweet animals and wonderful hosts.

So here what I recommend doing on a trip to this golden country:

1) Land in Colombo, but skip the city and go directly to beautiful dutch gem Galle.

I stayed here and I found the place + service absolutely fantastic.

All our transportation (including airport transfer from Colombo) could be arranged by them, as well as excursions.

On a rainy day we decided to take a tour of all the other hotels / accommodations of the city and I can assure you that there are plenty of fabulous picks from which to choose.

2) Get cracking with activities!

Going to the beach (Unawatuna), Safari (Yala), Spice and Tea Plantations, Elephants and turtle shelters… the list could go on and on….

As per above, your hotel and guest house can set you up with such activities and it will definitely be worth it!

3) Find your own private heaven

Mine was here.

Included private beach access and great fresh fusion cuisine.

Would go there again in an eye-bat… right now…