Best Museums in Rome

You’re missing out if you are going to Rome and not visiting any museum!

Here a list of my favorites:

Musei Capitolini – Even though you are not that much into the Romans, the view alone it’s worth it.

Palazzo Barberini – The building is one of the most elegant things you will see in your life. Some great Caravaggio gems kept there for the brave at heart. Make sure not to miss Bernini’s staircase.

Galleria Borghese – Everybody raves about this Galleria, but very few people have actually been inside. Be among the elite and go visit. One of my favourite Caravaggios is there, but really go to see the Bernini’s masterpieces. Need to reserve in advance.

Palazzetto Altemps – This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in the Rome city centre: a ‘400 building filled with Roman art. A must see indeed.

Galleria Spada – You will get a little overwhelmed with the paintings on the walls, but once you go outside on the courtyard everything will be forgiven. No spoilers allowed, but you’ll know when you see it.

Centrale Montemartini – An old electric powerhouse converted in museum. Metropolis meets Spartacus.

Galleria Corsini – If you are out and about in Trastevere make sure you visit this. Once again, a great Caravaggio not to be missed.

Palazzo Massimo – Imagine digging in an archaeological site and discovering this staring at you. It happened in real life.

Next posts on Rome will be on Churches and Gardens.