Menorca is beautiful.

During Franco’s regime, Menorca was the only territory showing some sort of opposition and to “punish” them, Franco never gave them permission to build touristic structures.

So while other Balearic islands were building those horrendous hotels, Menorca was keeping herself to herself.

After Franco, Unesco took over and declared Menorca a protected area. So now if you go there, everything is simply wild, unspoiled and peaceful.


1) Baking at the beach – there are a lot of young families in Menorca, so try not to sit next to them to avoid spoiled 21st century children whining all day long.

2) Horse excursion – even though you are a total beginner, this is a wonderful experience. Check out here.

3) Visit the prehistoric ruins – you can do that on top of a horse as well.

4) Explore the capital Mahon – the biggest natural port in Europe, its water is so clean you want to jump right into it.

5) Cami’ de Cavalls – walk, bike, ride around the coast of the island.

And last but not least, I bet you didn’t know that Mayonnaise was born in Menorca!