Santander, Cantabria


I went to Santander because I had a Wanderlust Attacke.

I didn’t want to be cooked up in London. Grey sky, grey days, grey life, when somewhere else beautiful wild horses where running towards freedom.

Hence Santander.

I started with checking on Skyscanner the fastest and cheapest way to reach any sunny seaside destination. 1h30 minutes for 60 £ return? Sold!

Then I went to my favorite site – like it way more than Airbnb – and booked this hotel right in front of the sea.

The view was spectacular and I could see the waves crushing on the rocky side of the shore all night long.

The reception however was extremely busy, it was almost impossible to get anybody’s attention to check in, check out or ask basics such as wi-fi password.

I was placing great hopes in the hotel restaurant, which from the gallery looked fabulous, but once I saw it live I suddenly lost all my interest.

Which is a good thing!

Because then, totally unprepared and with no background research, I discovered this two treasures of Restaurants just by walking – free like a horse – throughout the city.


This looked like a private villa hosting a special party. I had to ask a waiter if it was a proper restaurant and to my surprise I discovered that it’s also Michelin featured.

I know I tend to exaggerate, but here I had the best Gaspacho I ever ate in my life. A sublime creamy cold soup, garnished with Avocado-Mango marinated “tart” and the tastiest shrimp ever.



Plus, the lunch menu is only 25 Euros (starter, main and desert). What’s not to love?


This one, I had to walk a lot to find it, but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. I would have ordered all the menu, two times in a row. But the owner/waitress said it was too much for me, and downgraded my orders into a media ration.



I still regret I listened to her. I should have listened to my stomach.

About Santander itself, make sure you bring an umbrella even in summertime. I know the point of this trip was to see some sun and I did see plenty. It is however a rainy region, which means beautiful green sceneries, but also raindrops on your head ;)