Blueprint Cafe

Blueprint Cafe is my favorite restaurant in London.


Because it has amazing fresh food, a seasonal menu, really affordable prices and the most amazing view of the Thames river and its surroundings.

I’m not a big fan of French cuisine and given that the Blueprint cafe does have a (hidden) French influence, it’s a lot to say for the quality of its food.

The chicken – my favorite meat – is always perfect, juicy and tasty, any other meat I ate there (fawn, venison, lamb, pheasant) were so tender I wanted to cry.

The vegetables options are full of flavor and never boring. Barley risotto… who would have ever thought it existed? Not me. Garnished with broad-beans and feta cheese simply reached perfection.

A restaurant makes me happy when they put attention to details: delicious bread and butter served per default and all of its tables have a blue binocular, so to fully check out the great view.

The wait for the food could not be more enjoyable, which anyway has never been too long based on my experience.

Even though it sits on top of the design museum, it could be quite hard to find. So check your map, keep on walking, don’t give up and you will be grateful:

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