I just want to share why my recent trip to Paris has been a great success:

  1. The trip from London to Paris is amazingly easy if you take the Eurostar train. Make sure to buy tickets way in advance (2 months) because they don’t come cheap. [European Union, time to do something about that with some subventions or something, instead of measuring bananas and nuts all day long?… I know… real work is a drag, but ‘comeon guys!!]. Alternatively there are some random dodgy sites, where you could buy second hand tickets of people regretting not to have bought the flexi-option, for a pretty cheap price (70 euros), but you didn’t hear it from me.
  2. The weather was amazing! This was somehow an oddity, but who doesn’t love an Indian summer? +30 degrees all day long, I was almost running out of sensible clothes to wear. [This though could actually never happen because I work in fashion]
  3. The FOOD, of course the food. Let’s set aside the fact that I was there visiting my oldest friend, 9 months pregnant, who became some sort of domestic goddess (UN ANGELO DEL FOCOLARE). So apart from the wonderful home cooked meals we had, I can recommend some great restaurants!! Links below. 
  4. All in all, it gave me the warm and reassuring feeling to be in the “continent”, rather then in the “island” where I currently live, especially on my super highlight part of the vacation – going to the supermarket. Couldn’t have stuffed more food in my suitcase even if I wanted. Sorry eurostar fellow passager who had to smell my smelly cheese 2 hours straight.
  5. Shopping time: about the last thing I should have been doing after placing three unmentionable orders where I work [hello staff discount], but cute little concept store took me by surprise and I was defenseless and weak.
  6. The macaroons are amazing.


Light lunch? Served.

Cool concept store for the ones with an urge to spend:

Apparently macaroons are so expensive because about half of them breaks in the process of creating them. Please do give a smell to their sorts of teas:

Sunny meets hungry and equals perfection