Malaga, Andalusia

For my birthday I had the genius idea to go to Malaga this year.

For our accommodation I found this little gem on airbnb, perfect price, perfect location and amazing host.

I landed at the Aeropuerto de Málaga thanks to dear Ryanair and took a taxi for only 18 euros directly to the city center, one of those very friendly guys who wait outside the airport.

First breakfast was at El ultimo mono, I admit I went there as suggestion of a friend, as from outside it looked like a chain food store and I wouldn’t have stepped in voluntarily. Turns out I was wrong, the place is fantastic, has an amazing choice of freshly pressed juices and smoothies – you can also create your own blend – and has the best blueberry muffins I ever tasted! Pure. Moisture. Amazing.

I immediately hit the beach, going first to the La Malagueta, which is not so bad as local advise, just pay attention not to sit next to chavvy-radio-listening-speedo-wearing elements and you are fine.

On my first day I felt adventurous and like taking an excursion with my two little feet, so I walked to El Palo. Most interesting 2 hour walk in flip flops of my life. I could have avoided it by paying the fare of the bus nr. 11, but the walk was worth it to explore the place and take a note on all the yummi restaurants I would have tried later on on my trip.

El Palo was like visiting a parallel world, where the sun always shines, families bring their own table and chairs to the beach and start shouting and where a platter of grilled sardines brought right to you on the beach costs only 2 euros. Did I mention I love Andalusia already?

Dinnertime was spent at Dlink a bio eatery which opened a new world for me on how CHEAP all restaurants in Malaga are! I had an excellent tapas meal: the menu is a mix of Spanish and exotic ingredients, all bio and of course tasty.

But my true foodie soul was unleashed once we tried the Pez Tomillo restaurant. The location overlooks the sea, it is perfect for enjoying a Mojito or two (in my case three) on the top floor, looking at the sun going down and disappearing in the red sea.

Food starts being served only at 08:30 p.m. and even if you are starving from before, trust me, it’s worth the wait! All the very best of Spanish cuisine with a modern twist.

My very special day, a.k.a. B>I<R>T<D>A<Y, was spent in Marbella.

If you think this is a tasteless destination full of sad tourist traps think again.

We took the bus at Malaga’s main bus station and in a short 50 minute ride we were there. Do consider the taxi instead of the bus to reach the casco antiguo, it is only 3 euros!

After a stroll in the white city center, we lunched at one of the many restaurants overlooking La Venus beach and then hit the beach right in front of us. Such a win win situation.

Back to Malaga the next days, we admired all the Arabic wonders the city has to offer, such as the Alcazaba, the Castillo de Gibralfaro. Last but not least, we visited the modern Hammam Al Andalus, where we treated ourselves – like the privileged children that we are – to saunas, hot baths and oil massages.

If this holiday sounds too relaxed for your taste, rest assured that a little action will be given by the local meerkats. One of which entered in our apartment from the balcony window and jumped on my legs in the middle of the night, only to go and steal a sponge we had in the bathroom and exit again from the window.

I would have loved to bond more with mr. meerkat, unfortunately though after 4 wonderful days it was time to leave and get back to our real lives… whatever that means…