Bloody Mary

I am a big Bloody Mary fan.

This is because I live in the movie Gosford Park and dream to be as glamorous as Kristin Scott Thomas’ character. One day. I will.

Or maybe it’s because I have a light addition to spiciness, salty and sour substances?

I don’t know.

Out and about with one of my dear friends, we recently had our own private pub-crawl to test all the Bloody Maries in my kiez.

………….and the winner was: Bull and Last.

Yes, them.

Chilled tomato juice with the right balance of vodka and spices. Fresh celery stick, which I later saw was kept in its own glass of water before it became my succulent snack. Final twist of lemon and waiter snobbishness topped the whole experience.

Yes, Bull and Last, you are the winner.