Berlin Restaurants

I spent my most fruitful years in Berlin.

Three years of joy, everything that came after was just Sehnsucht.

Why did I love it so much? Because I could collect this list below of fabulous restaurants.


  • Pasternak. Decadence has no meaning if you don’t visit their brunch.
  • Nola. Spicy strawberry soup come to me.
  • Reinstoff. Molecular as fancy as it gets.
  • Musashi. Best chicken katsu of the world, I am sure.
  • Markthalle. Anyone for Jaegerschnitzel? Yes please.
  • Oyster Bar. Only if you have a fancy friend in consultancy as I did :P
  • Cafe Jaques. I love you.
  • Schneeweiss. For this Schnitzel, I could even kill.
  • Lucky Star. Best Chinese hot pot in Europe.
  • Borchardt. Only if your company pays for the Kobe steak.
  • Masai. Discover the joys of Fufu.
  • Osteria nr 1. Real food Italiano.
  • The Great Room. Fleisch Lollys, I’ll never forget.
  • Zionskirch Kappelle. Lovely little cafe.
  • Maoa. Mongolian grill goodness.
  • Filetstueck. Meat. Prenzlauerberg. Meat.

JUST.DON’T.GO.TO. I due forni. Please don’t. Do it for your conscience. Do it for a better world.