Lisbon, Portugal

Since a few years now, Lisbon has become the place where to go!

And I totally agree!


1) Clube de journalistas – Charming setting and delicate food

2) Café Infusão – If you are up for a light bight in the city center

3) O Pinóquio – Looks a bit shady from outside, but definitely worth visiting for its prawns and handmade crisps

4) Aqui há peixe –  Top destination if you love fish like I do

5) Ginginha do Carmo – For a liquid diet based on Portuguese cherry


All you’ve ever heard about Lisbon is probably true, so everything deserves a visit. What I enjoyed the most was:

1) Jerónimos Monastery – Check out that Manueline architecture

2) Leiria Castle – Arabic tiles in a Christian Chapel blew my mind

3) Igreja do Carmo – Perfect on a sunny day

4) Puppet Museum – This one was so cute!! The Asian and New Zealand puppets are enchanting

5) Botanical Garden – Special green oasis in the middle of the city

So, boa viagem!